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雅思考试网: Task1猜测 3月30日要点是饼图,曲线图,表格图 Task2猜测 A类大作文要点重视以下类别:社会与家庭,教育(专业挑选)、科学科技、媒体、违法,并经过操练猜测的写作标题予以强化。 一、教育与学习 Nowadays, not enough students choose scienc

Nowadays, not enough students choose science subjects in university in many countries. What are the reasons for this problem? What are the effects on the society?
some people think educate children of different abilities together will benefitthem. Others think intelligent children should be taught separately and give specialcourses, discuss both side and give own opinion! (对症下药。拓宽:学术教育与对错观教育、是否该学外语、大学生该博学仍是更专业、上不上补习班、一同学仍是独自学、教师和家长对孩子的影响、该不该分科、教育比赛仍是协作)
University students always focus on one specialist subject, but some peoplethink universities should encourage their students to study a range of subjectsin addition to their own subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree? (通才仍是专才。拓宽:年轻人作业、成年人教育、游学)
Some people think young people should go to university to further their educationwhile others think they should been encouraged to work as car mechanics orbuilders etc. to serve society. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.(教育的程度。拓宽:是否该上大学、大学是否应理论实践相结合、短期教育与终身教育、学生是否应该打工)
Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female study in every subject.Do you agree or disagree。 (教育相等。拓宽:乡村学生教育、留学利害、游学、学习态度、私立学校优缺点、教育投入)
Nuclear energy is a better choice for meeting increasing demand, agree ordisagree? (科技进步。拓宽:机器人风险吗、手机带来的影响、科技改动作业方式、科技改动日子方式、新技术加大贫富距离、计算机替代教师?电脑互联网带来的影响、信会不会消失)
Economic progress is one way to measure the success of one country, while some peoplethink there are other factors. What other factors should be considered? Withinthese factors, do you think anyone is more important than the others? (经济。拓宽:是否应大力发展农业、城乡距离、国家成功标志、该不该缴税、国家间经济协作)
Most countries want to improve standard of living through economic development,however, others think social value is lost as a result. Do you think the advantagesof economic development outweigh the disadvantages? (经济)

Some people think that zoos are cruel and all the zoos should be closed. However,other people think that zoos are useful to protect the rare animals. Discuss bothviews and give your own opinion. (动物维护)
拓宽:(动物能否用于药品)To ban animal experiments would be toparalyse modern medicine , to perpetuate human suffering ,and to endanger humanhealth by allowing products such as insecticides onto the market before testingthem for toxicity .
Some people think pollution and damage of environment are resulted from a countrydeveloping and becoming richer, which this is hard to be avoided. Towhat extent do you agree or disagree?
Environmental problems are too big for individual countries and individual peopleto address. We have reached the stage where the only way to protect the environmentis to address it at an international level. To what extent do you agree ordisagree with this statement?

Some people think they have right to use as much freshwater as they want,others believegovernments should tightly control the use of fresh water as it is limitedresource. Discuss
With the development of technology and science, some people believe that there isno great value of artists such as musicians and painters. What are the thingsartists can do but the scientist cannot? Why should we encourage the art area? (艺术。拓宽:)
Some people think that job satisfaction is more importantthan job security. Others think that people cannot expect to enjoy a job and havinga permanent job is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion. (作业相等。拓宽:农民工进城、男女同工同酬、童工、机器替代人工、贫富距离、不同人不同假日、女人领导)
Countries with a long average working time are more economicallysuccessful than those countries which do not have a long working time. To whatextent do you agree or disagree? (作业时长)
Many people believe that counties should produce food for all population eats andimport food as little as possible. To what extent do you agree or disagree? (食物安全。拓宽:废物食物利害、均衡饮食与健康、快餐)
Some people think that it is necessary to travel abroad to learn about other countries,but other people think that it is not necessary to travel abroad because allthe information can be seen at TV and the internet. Discuss both opinions andgive your own opinion. (游览。拓宽:游学、海外游览的优劣势、游览与商业、廉价航空、游览稳妥)
Throughout the history, people dream to build a perfect societywhile they haven't agreed how the ideal society would be like. What is the mostimportant element you think to make a perfect society? How do people do toachieving an ideal society?

Some peoplebelieve that in order to give opportunities to new generation companies should encouragehigh level employees who are older than 55 to retire. Do you agree or disagree?Why? (老年人。拓宽:年轻人是否应该担任重要职位、长命、住养老院仍是在家、退休日子、长者才智)
Today's parents spend too little time staying with their children and use televisionto make their children keep quiet. Explain the reason and results by using yourrelevant experience. (儿童。拓宽:儿童是否应严格要求)
Charities and organizations always give special names to particular days such as'National Children's Day' and 'National Non-smoking Day'. What are the causesof these particular days? How effective are they?
It is suggested that all the young adults should undertake a period of unpaid workhelping people in the community. Does it bring more benefits or drawbacks tothe community and the young people? (志愿者。 )(责任编辑:haoxuee)